March 4-5,2017


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An Entrepreneurship Summit
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Prof. Rajeev Tripathi

Director MNNIT

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Entrepreneurship, a word which has brought a renaissance in the perspective of millions and has paved a way to decent from an era of being employed to world which employs. The contemporary society offers a rich motley of domains to aspire in, where new ideas instilled, processed and implemented can advance us into an epoch of futuristic prospects.

The initiatives by the Government of India including Start-Up India, Make In India, Digital India, etc. provide a nurturing atmosphere for entrepreneurial idiosyncrasies. And we, at MNNIT have aspired to thrust the flow, and let latent brains breathe in the atmosphere, rejuvenate and exhibit ideas on a leveraging platform. With two years of overwhelming success of Renaissance, we leap into the third edition of this summit.

This event is organised with a replete of entrepreneurs, eminent speakers, capitalists, and mentors who shall instil the minds, and the events here shall assuredly stir the hibernating talents and promote them on this course. I duly hope the legacy continues eternally and provide ample opportunities to cater and optimistic demeanour towards being an entrepreneur, surpassing the bars set by the previous endeavours. I heartily welcome everyone to be a part of 3.0 E-summit Renaissance 2017 and make it a grand success with your support and enthusiasm.

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Keynote Speakers at Renaissance 2017

Hari Nair

Founder & CEO HolidayIQ


Ashutosh Kumar

Executive Director Jagriti


Deepak Goel

Founder & CEO KarmaCircles


Salil Agarwal

Serial Entrepreneur

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I would like to give my personal congrats to the entire team of NIT Allahabad for putting up a wonderful event. The attendees were more than ecstatic than what i have ever seen anywhere else and its this spirit that puts up a favourable stage for people like us to speak / perform.

Gary Dalal

Director, Apptology FZCO
It was a great effort by Team Renaissance. Greatly appreciated coming back to college. Your hard work and efforts has lead to such successful event.

Abhilekh Agarwal

CTO, Cube26
I was thrilled to see such an amazing audience. The events were extraordinary and it surely made an impact to many aspiring entrepreneurs. A platform for the genesis of great ideas.

Utsav Somani

AngelList, Angel Investments
I was thrilled to see such an amazing audience. The events were extraordinary and it surely made an impact to many aspiring entrepreneurs. A platform for the genesis of great ideas.

Mansi Matela

Head - Strategy & New Initiatives at SilverPus

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